Jorja Davis addiction treatment staff at Westwind Recovery

Jorja Davis, LMFT

Clinical Director

Specialty: Psychology, EMDR therapist, PIT, Hypnosis, Family Therapy

Jorja Davis has facilitated recovery with clients for the past 30 years. Initially beginning as a chemical dependency counselor and graduating from one of the first programs in the state to offer certification, she continued her education and currently has a Masters in Psychology and licensure as an LMFT. Jorja is also a certified EMDR therapist.

Jorja has worked in the fields of mental health as well as substance abuse and brings multiple areas of expertise to her practice. In 1995, Jorja won an award from the Department of Corrections for service to the community. She brings with her knowledge of criminal justice and legal issues. While researching new & relevant theories for those affected by addiction, she began studying neurochemistry and its relevance. She has developed an educational seminar for families that are affected by substance abuse and/or other addictions, which was profiled by The Signal, with a focus on adolescents and impulse control.


Jorja Davis became interested five years ago in utilizing hypnotherapy as a resourcing tool for EMDR. She received training through the Southern California Society of Clinical Hypnotherapy in beginning, intermediate, and advanced hypnotherapy and has continued her certification through ASCH. ( The American Society of Clinical Hypnosis). Jorja also completed an initial training focusing on “clean language” through the estate of David Grove, who was an authority of the facilitation of trauma treatment using hypnosis to reveal coded messages in the psyche. Since that time, Jorja has found applications for the use of hypnosis in treating not only trauma but also as a primary tool in treating addictions, anxiety, and facilitating relief of chronic pain.

PIT (Post Induction Therapy):

PIT was developed by Pia Melody to facilitate healing for developmental trauma. Jorja completed the initial PIT training with Ms. Melody and looked forward to gaining more knowledge through the advanced PIT. training in 2015.

Jessica Steinman addiction treatment staff

Jessica Steinman, LMFT

Director of Programming

Specialty: Sex and Love Addiction and Codependence

Leading the addiction treatment staff is Jessica Steinman as Clinical Director. Jessica is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and has been working in treatment and in private practice since May 2014. Jessica is originally from Los Angeles, California, and has a Bachelor’s Degree from New York University. After careers in entertainment, hospitality, PR, and Marketing, Jessica found her passion as a psychotherapist when she began her Master’s Degree in education at Pacific Oaks College in Pasadena, California. She graduated with a Masters of Arts in May 2014.

Jessica received exceptional post-graduate training at The Maple Counseling Center (2013-2015) in Beverly Hills, where she worked psychodynamically with individual adults and couples. She also received training at The Center for the Study of Young People at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center (2014-2015) as a Supervisor and Resource Associate for Teen Line, a program that provides crisis intervention and prevention, peer counseling, and referrals specifically for children and adolescents ages 12 to 21.

Jessica continued her work with adolescents at Destinations to Recovery in Woodland Hills as a Primary Therapy and Group facilitator. She left Destinations to join KLEAN Treatment Center, based in West Hollywood, in December 2016. She worked as a Primary Therapist and group facilitator at KLEAN and also created their Family Program for the Residential and Outpatient programs.

Jessica specializes in Sex and Love Addiction and Codependence and leads many groups for the Westwind programs in those topics. She completed the Sex Addiction Treatment Program training provided by The Center for Healthy Sex. Jessica created the clinical programming for Westwind Recovery’s Inpatient and two Outpatient programs. She is currently curating the Westwind Family Program as well as creating more specialized and focused tracks for the Outpatient drug rehab program in Los Angeles.

Jessica says that if someone wants to be part of a community or family, Westwind is where they will find it. The team at Westwind will fill in the gaps for clients who have not had a fulfilling family and loving experience.

Jessica is proud that Westwind can provide a variety of groups and programming. Clients become tired of the “treatment cycle” and have been in and out of a lot of treatment centers are used to the same types of therapy, and it’s not working for them to stay sober.

Westwind has a variety of different clinicians who specialize in different areas. By having that available as well as an assortment of groups, the clients stay engaged and interested. She says, “We make it fun and enticing where clients want to work on their recovery. We make it feel like they are a part of something. They can find something they connect with and expand on that.”

Jessica is affectionately known as MAMA BEAR. Clients feel comfortable coming to her for the love and support they may not have. Jessica is a big believer in self-care. She enjoys her time at the spa and with family and friends.

Steven Verduzco addiction treatment staff

Stephen Verduzco, CADC II

Case Manager

Steven began working at Westwind when it first opened its doors. He earned his B.A. in Human Development from Pacific Oaks College and his CADC from Sober College. Steven began his career working in recovery in 2014, although he had no intention to. Steven was pursuing a career in nursing while in college, but that did not work out as planned. During a heart-to-heart with his step-father, he suggested to Steven that he should give back to the community that helped him get sober and work in the recovery field. And as life would have it, Steven was offered the job by a friend to work in the recovery field. He took the job and never looked back.

Steven started out working as a technician, admissions specialist and then move up to become a drug and alcohol counselor at Cry Help.

At Westwind, Steven is involved with each client from the start to the time they graduate from the program. He welcomes each client, helps them feel comfortable, explains the program, and makes sure that all their needs are met, so they feel supported. Steven also runs many of the groups and meet clients one-on-one.

He feels that he has a deep understanding of what the clients need since he is in recovery. He is knowledgeable about what would work or what would not work for each client in their recovery process.

Once the client has completed treatment, he is very thoughtful in planning their next course of action and setting them up for success.

Steven says that the team at Westwind provides accurate personalized and individualized treatment not usually found at other centers. The staff at Westwind shows genuine love, care, and compassion. He also says,” I have immense gratitude for my recovery because of where I’ve been in my addiction. I try to come in with a positive every single day. I’m just grateful to be sober myself, so working in recovery is just gravy.”

Steven is a beast in the gym and trains at 5 AM daily. He also stays fit by chasing after his 2-year-old son. He spends a lot of time with his family; he and his wife are expecting baby number 2 later this year.

Kasey Smith addiction treatment staff

Kasey Smith, CATC-I

Case Manager

Kasey Smith brings her high energy, enthusiasm, and extraordinary passion to the Westwind Recovery Team. Kasey is one of Westwind’s case managers, counselors, and group facilitators. She earned her degree in Addiction Studies from Pierce College and is also a certified yoga instructor, receiving her certificate through Yoga Works.

Deeply inspired by her teacher and mentor, Marty Farash, Kasey began working in the addiction field in 2014. She was also motivated to help people who struggle with addiction because of her addiction. Kasey started out working as a chemical dependency tech at the Villa in Woodland Hills, CA. She continued to work her way up as a chemical dependency counselor, case manager, group facilitator, then program manager for various treatment centers in southern California. Kasey has also worked closely with the homeless population in Downtown Los Angeles and Hollywood.

With over a decade of recovery experience, her calling has allowed her to be a driving force in facilitating valuable group dynamics of all kinds, including mindfulness, meditation, relapse prevention, DBT, and yoga. Kasey believes in a holistic approach to recovery while mindfully meeting clients where they are in their recovery. Kasey also meets with clients one-on-one to check in with them at a spiritual, mental, and emotional level as well as making sure they are on track with their education and work life.

Kasey understands that if someone is suffering from substance abuse, he/she/they may also be suffering from something even deeper. She and the team at Westwind will offer the love and support to get to the root of those issues, whether it be with mental health problems, sex, and love addiction, among other issues. The clinical staff at Westwind truly collaborates and will go to almost any lengths to maintain the well-being of all their clients. Kasey is a very active person and loves hanging out with her kids. She stays active through hiking, yoga, rock climbing, and boxing. She also loves to dance, watch movies, and spend time at the ocean. She actively maintains connection and fellowship with her tribe in AA.

Isaac Reddick

Isaac Reddick III

Alumni Coordinator

Isaac brings nearly 20 years of experience to the Westwind family as the Alumni Coordinator. Isaac began his career in recovery as a tech at Promises then joined The Hills as the residential supervisor. He later became the alumni coordinator at The Hills.

Isaac understands the importance of not only participating in a program to get sober but keeping connected with clients after they have graduated from a program. He is there to support clients after they are done, whether it be to be an active listener or to provide them with resources that may need from couples counseling to job recruitment.

Before working in the addiction field, Isaac worked in advertising for the motion picture industry. He realized that although he was very good at what he did, it did not align with who he was. His mentor invited Isaac to work with people who were suffering from addiction, and Isaac has never looked back. Isaac’s passion is helping people, and he can quickly develop a rapport with people and connect with most individuals almost immediately. With the clinical staff at Westwind, he says that anyone who suffers from addiction and who is willing to put in the work, they will be able to find their path sobriety. On his off time, Isaac enjoys rock climbing, camping, and playing softball. He is a comic book aficionado and loves watching movies.

Allie Clingan addiction treatment staff

Allie Clingan, AMFT

Specialty: DBT, CBT

Allie is an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist with experience at all levels of care, including detox, residential, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient programs. From 2015 through 2018, she worked as a primary therapist at the Center for Discovery, providing individual and group therapy and case management for adults and adolescents with eating disorders. She has training in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Trauma-Focused CBT. Allie earned her Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at Phillips Graduate University and holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Ithaca College. She is passionate about providing hands-on individual support with humor and care.

Allie began her work in recovery in 2014. She wanted to work in this field because she likes that every day is a different experience. She knows that no two clients are the same and loves that she gets to work with a variety of processes with the client to reach their goal of sobriety. This process includes leading different groups, meeting one-on-one with clients, and ensuring that each client feels safe and comfortable. She thinks that those different everyday challenges push her to grow professionally. Allie prides herself on being part of such a strong team that genuinely works collaboratively and closely on the same goals for the clients. She feels that if the client is willing to put in the work to get sober, the team at Westwind not only have the tools for the clients to get sober, but they genuinely care. Allie also volunteers at an animal shelter on the weekends, loves to read, and chills out at home.

Lisa Blume addiction treatment staff

Lisa Blume, AMFT

Primary Therapist

Specialty: Eating Disorders, Trauma, PTSD, Child or Adolescent

Lisa Blume has been with Westwind Recovery since the day they opened their doors. She earned her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in Spiritual Depth Psychology at Antioch University Los Angeles.

Lisa has training as a mindfulness-based psychotherapist from The Center for Mindful Living in Brentwood, CA. She finds great satisfaction in bringing a unique approach of Transpersonal/Spiritual Depth and Psychodynamic Therapies to WestWind Recovery. Lisa also received professional training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, accredited by Columbia University Teacher’s College in New York City in 2007.

Lisa has 12 years of experience as a Certified Health Counselor, where she continues to work with adolescents and adults suffering from health-related issues linked to anxiety, depression, eating disorders, negative body image, and phases of life issues. Lisa began working in the recovery field in 2017. She grew up in addiction, and her unconscious journey that she was on lead her to understand and have compassion for those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction.

Lisa uses a mindfulness-based approach when working with clients. She intends to help the client build their awareness so that they can start implementing change in their life. She also works from a spiritual perspective, such as inner child work. She gets the client to look inward so that they can see what is happening within themselves and develop a relationship with a power greater than themselves both internally and externally.

Lisa says that when someone is ready to make a change and is looking for and longing for a family, they can find that at Westwind. The people who work here really do hold and take care of the clients, and the clients truly can feel that.

Sam Silverman addiction treatment staff

Sam Silverman, AMFT

Primary Therapist

Specialty: ACT, IFS, CBT

Sam is a trans and non-binary Marriage and Family Therapy Associate Therapist and an LGBTQIA+ workshop facilitator. Sam is passionate about helping clients to engage with their barriers to recovery using ACT, IFS, CBT, trauma-informed, and mindfulness-based work. Specifically, Sam likes to help clients focus on and process their feelings in the moment. They also work well with clients who are on the spectrum as well as queer and trans people. Sam also highly values experiential activities as learning experiences. Before working at Westwind, Sam worked at Breathe Life Healing Center, Paradigm Malibu, Evolve, Mitchell Family Counseling Clinic, and Magnolia Science Academy Schools doing therapy and some case management. Sam earned their masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from California State University Northridge (CSUN). They have also given workshops about trans advocacy, queer and trans relationships, identity exploration, LGBTQ+ workplace inclusion, communication, healing trauma, and substance abuse recovery.

Sam began working in recovery in 2014. Initially, Sam wanted to work with kids and teens, especially queer youth who were not adequately served and focus on community mental health. They found that most jobs that were available were in the recovery field. Sam decided to take a role in the recovery field and fell in love with it. They found that working in this arena was a way to make a significant impact on one’s life in a very short amount of time. Sam feels that if someone is ready to put the work to get sober and needs the guidance and structure to help them get there, Westwind is the place to get that. They will also go the extra mile to meet the needs of each client, whether it be more work on trauma, conflict resolution, or even more assistance in finding a job.

Sam also has lead workshops and training at the 2016 EDGY Conference, The Relational Center, Boeing Aircraft Manufacturing Company, California State University Northridge, College of the Canyons, Catalyst Con, and SexPosCon. They always attempt to approach therapy through an inclusive, intersectional lens emphasizing accountability on both the part of the therapist and the client. Sam uses They/Them, He/Him/His pronouns.

Sam is also an animal lover, amateur gardener, cook, gamer, podcast listener, and has claims to have a solid game at mini-golf.

Randy Smith addiction treatment staff

Randy Smith, LMFT

Primary Therapist

Randy Smith hailed from Austin, Texas, and earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Texas at Austin. He also earned a Master’s degree in Psychology from Antioch University in Los Angeles. Randy trained at several different places around southern California, including Center for Individual and Family Counseling in North Hollywood, Teen Line at Cedar Sinai, Klean Treatment Centers, and in private practice. Randy began working in the recovery field in 2013 after a 20 career in the movie industry with Sony Pictures, MGM, and Universal. Randy no longer felt fulfilled working in the entertainment industry and decided to go back to his first loves, which are psychology and helping people.

Ready’s recovery led him to start working with people suffering from addiction. Randy’s specialties include working with couples, siblings, the LGBTQ community, and the people in the entertainment industry. Randy also works with clients one-on-one as well as in group settings. Randy creates a very safe and compassionate environment for clients who are seeking help and are serious and committed to their recovery. During his free time, Randy likes to run, bike, go to the movies, and travel.


Ryan Peterson medical director

Ryan Peterson, M.D.

Medical Director

Specialty: Addiction Medicine Specialist, Pain Management Physician, Anesthesiologist

Dr. Ryan Peterson is Westwind’s Medical Director who is triple board certified in Pain Management, with American Board of Pain Medicine, Anesthesiology, with the American Board of Anesthesiology and Addiction Medicine with the American Board of Addiction Medicine.

He completed medical school at George Washington University in Washington, DC, residency training at Cornell University in New York and fellowship training at UCLA.

Dr. Peterson’s journey to sobriety led him to work with clients suffering from addiction. Although he had been working in pain management and anesthesiology, he says, “After getting sober, I saw things in a different light. I realized that both having pain and a drug problem can exist in the same person. One does not preclude the other, but they can both be real.” He discovered a higher sensitivity to look for that in a patient and helping them manage that. Before he became an addiction specialist, Dr. Peterson assumed that he knew all there was to know about addiction medicine since he was recovery himself. But he soon realized that there was so much more to learn about addiction than what he went through himself. He spent most of 2014 learning and studying for the boards in Addiction Medicine and became board certified.

Dr. Peterson got sober through AA, but understands that they are so many other ways to get to recovery. Through his journey to sobriety, he has learned of so many different ways to help others. Westwind Recovery offers those modalities to get clients on the right path to recovery.

Along with Dr. Peterson, the team at Westwind helps those suffering from addiction get to the root issues with individual psychotherapy, group therapy, exercise, and mediation, among other things. He feels that the community of love and support that the Westwind team provides for clients is monumental in their recovery.

Dr. Peterson also helps his clients who have co-existing mental and physical conditions such as pain with appropriate pain management.

Dr. Peterson believes that when a client is ready to do the work to get sober and stay sober, Westwind would be the perfect fit. He sees the tremendous, positive changes that happen week to week, month to month in the clients after working with their therapists, and staying active. Dr. Peterson adds that with his own experience with addiction, clients can bond with him. Although he helps clients deal with their physical pain without having them going to opiates, his practice will delve beyond just the medical side.

Dr. Peterson moved to California because of the ease of going on road trips from Los Angeles. He loves the adventure of getting on the road and exploring new places all around California. He is also a self-proclaimed “foodie.”

Mark Jaffe psychiatrist

Mark Jaffe, M.D.


Specialty: Addiction Psychiatry Specialist

Dr. Mark Jaffe graduated from UCLA cum laude in 1987. He then attended the University of Southern California medical school and completed his internship and residency in psychiatry at the Los Angeles County+USC Medical Center. He also completed two years of fellowship training at the USC Institute of Psychiatry and Law, where he is a clinical associate professor of psychiatry. He is board-certified in general and forensic psychiatry by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. Dr. Jaffe is a Diplomate of the American Board of Addiction Medicine.

During his residency and fellowship training at the LAC+USC Medical Center, Dr. Jaffe was responsible for triage, evaluation, treatment, admission, and disposition of emergent psychiatric clients in a 2000-bed facility. The medical center comprised the pediatric, women’s, and general hospital departments and served the greater Los Angeles area.Dr. Jaffe currently consults for the Los Angeles County Superior and Municipal Courts and is a member of the expert witness panel. He has provided consultations to various agencies, including the United States Postal Service, the Medical Board of California, the United States Department of Justice’s Federal Bureau of Prisons, Long Beach Rapid Transit, Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority and the Los Angeles County Mental Health Court. He has performed many evaluations for various agencies, courts, and attorneys on cases that involve the use of drugs and alcohol during the commission of crimes or during employment.

During the 25 years comprising his medical education, training, and experience, Dr. Jaffe has had the privilege of evaluating and treating thousands of people with addiction. He has seen the countless ways that addiction impacts people and has also seen the remarkable impact that treatment can have.

Kimberly Mendoza Healthcare Director

Kimberly Mendoza, LVN

HealthCare Director

Specialty: Phlebotomy

Kim is Westwind’s Healthcare Director and a licensed vocational nurse. Kim earned her nursing degree at ELAC and trained at sub-acute hospitals in the Los Angeles area. She has been working in the medical field since 2012 and joined the Westwind team in 2018.

Seeing the transformation in a client’s life, from arriving at the residential house in a state of desperation and ultimately lost to their addiction to living a peaceful and composed life, is what drives Kim to work in the recovery field.

Kim works side-by-side with the medical doctors in creating and implementing treatment plans for each client. She also assesses the health needs of the clients. She ensures the safety of the clients while they undergo the detoxing process. Detoxing can be unpleasant for the clients, so Kim is there to make sure to address their physical and psychological needs and make the detoxing as comfortable as possible. For Kim, working at Westwind feels like home. She is an extremely compassionate and caring person, and she can express that to the fullest extent to the clients. Clients at Westwind truly feel her joy and positivity while they are in residential treatment. What Kim loves most about Westwind Recovery is the community and continuity that the team creates for all the clients. The clients stay connected to Westwind long after they’ve finished the program through meetings and alumni events or just stopping by to say “Hi!”

Outside of work, Kim likes to get outdoors to hike and play softball with friends and family. It’s her way to decompress and get centered. She also loves to travel and going on road trips to discover new places.


Rebecca Boswell addiction treatment staff

Rebecca Boswell

Director of Operations

Becky has dedicated her life to helping others who are struggling with addiction. She started working in the recovery field since 2016 as a house manager. Her struggles with addiction led her to Westwind Recovery—first a client and now as Director of Operations at our Outpatient facility.

Becky’s first career was in the beauty industry for 20 years. She studied cosmetology and worked for Redkin as a color specialist. She taught color correction in salons all over Alabama as well as on stage. Currently, she has enrolled in a CDAC program at Sober College. The challenges and struggles that Becky went through to get help for addiction are what drives her to help those who walked the same path that she did.

At Westwind, Becky makes sure that clients get their medications, she runs group meetings and makes sure that the day-to-day operations run smoothly. Becky brings love, dedication, and light to each client. She says that the programs and systems at WestwindRecovery work and if anyone who wants to get their life back, the team at Westwind will help make that happen. She is a testament to that.

Becky is an avid reader, yogi, and has a robust mediation practice.

Michael Shahin housing director

Michael Shahin

Housing Director

Mikey, a Crossfit, health, and fitness guru is Westwind’s Housing Director. He oversees all of the housing managers, operations supervisors, and technicians. He makes sure that all the homes are properly maintained and running smoothly. Mikey began his career in the recovery in 2014 at Breath as a mentor. After 2 years at Breath, Mikey wanted to expand his role with clients and started his tenure at Westwind Recovery as a house manager. Mikey’s work experience at Westwind as a house manager had been so positive that he decided to come on full time and eventually worked his way up to the housing director.

Mikey’s decision to work with clients who are suffering from addiction started once he got sober himself. He felt that staying sober was and is the most important thing is his life. So he left the entertainment industry and started his work in recovery. Mikey brings light, morale, hope, and strength to the clients who come to Westwind. He feels that Westwind welcomes all people from different walks of life and will support them wherever they are on their journey to sobriety.

Mikey says that since being clean, he can do anything he wants to and have a great time doing it!

Brandon Cochran inpatient coordinator

Brandon Cochran

Inpatient Coordinator

Brandon, a Registered Alcohol Drug Technician, joined Westwind Recovery in 2018 as the Operations Supervisor for Westwind’s Sober Homes. Brandon attended the Indiana University of Pennsylvania and is currently working on earning his CDAC Certification at Sober College. Brandon roles include managing client scheduling, conflict resolutions, relapse prevention, and crisis management.

Brandon’s life journey lead him to work in the recovery field as a way of giving back. Growing up, Brandon was provided with everything he needed from his parents, yet he chose to live a life of drug use and homelessness. Since getting sober at Westwind Recovery, he is compelled to help others get sober. He feels that he easily relates to those suffering from addiction since he has personally experienced it himself. Brandon knows that giving clients a voice is crucial to their sobriety, and he takes on the role of being their voice with the utmost respect. He listens to their needs and worries and is very genuine in his feedback. Brandon feels that Westwind completely redirected his life through the programs and community that are provided. Brandon thinks that if one is ready to lead a sober, fun, and productive life, Westwind Recovery gives the tools and guidance that will set that person up for success. He says, “Westwind’s program is just really cool–with the VR meditation, variety of groups available to resume building to fun weekend outings. People here just really care.” Outside of work, Brandon enjoys time with his fiancee, hiking, and hitting the gym. He will be getting married in Sept 2019.

Business Development

Dave BiFulco addiction treatment staff

Dave BiFulco

Director of Business Development

Dave has been with the Westwind family since they opened their doors. Dave’s career began with working in the Labor Union field on the east coast in 2007. He worked as an operating engineer handling heavy commercial equipment. After going through addiction and rehab himself, Dave chose to work with people suffering from addiction, starting in 2016. He wanted people to experience the same thing he did once he reached sobriety. Dave wanted people who were in the throes of addiction to realize there is a better way to live; there is an answer to their addiction. While he was going through his recovery at a different center, Dave learned about Westwind through friends who were in the Westwind program. He wanted to get involved in Westwind’s program as part of the team, so once he graduated from his program, he joined the Westwind Recovery team and gained experience as an admissions coordinator.

Dave is the first person that the clients will encounter when calling the center. Clients will immediately feel supported when they talk with Dave. Dave provides a sense of stability, assuredness, and guidance to the clients who decide to get help with Westwind. Although he gives tough love, structure, and acts as a parent figure—he does it because he genuinely cares and wants the best for the clients. Dave says that if someone is struggling to get to sobriety from other programs, they will likely find something at Westwind that will click. Westwind is not a sterile, “one-size-fits-all” program. People who graduate from Westwind stay sober and connected. Dave also manages business development for the east coast and midwest territories. Business development includes advocating for easier access for alcohol and drug rehab for unions, underserved communities, and large corporations. Dave is a family man and loves spending time with his wife and son. He also loves to travel and hang out with friends.


Oren Pius addiction treatment staff

Oren Pius

Director of Admissions

Oren brings many years of experience to the Westwind family as Director of Admissions. Oren has and continues to help hundreds of families and their loved ones find the right rehab center. A native Angeleno, Oren has worked in the recovery field since 2003. His roles transitioned from a clinical assistant, director of operations, call center manager and residential supervisor to finding his niche with insurance billing and marketing. Here he acts as a vital liaison between insurance and clients, making him an essential part of every addict and alcoholic’s recovery process.

Oren understands the importance of finding the best center for a client who is suffering from addiction and who is in desperate need of help. He was once in that position years ago as he struggled with drugs. He counsels families and clients and paves the way for treatment for them. Championing the cause of anyone who wants to turn their lives around, Oren remains steadfast in his conviction that, no matter who they are, and no matter how many times they’ve tried and failed, every addict deserves a shot at redemption. Besides helping many people in seeking treatment, outside of work, Oren very much enjoys collecting, buying, and selling vinyls.

Kathryne Hall admissions coordinator

Kathryne Hall

Admissions Coordinator

Kady is one of the first persons that a client will talk to when they call Westwind Recovery. As the admissions coordinator, she is the voice of reason and security

At the recommendation of Westwind’s clinical director, Kady has worked with the company since 2018 as a med tech at the detox and outpatient centers. She received her training under the health care director.

After excelling at her role, Kady was promoted to the admissions coordinator position. Kady can relate to clients with ease and comfort. As a child of an addict and in recovery herself, she empathizes with clients and what they’re going through. Her approach to helping people go through the recovery process is made with a lot of insight, love, and utmost care. Because of personal life experience and clinical work, Kady can easily talk with someone who is going through addiction and seeking help.

Kady knows first hand the love and care that is shown from the therapists, doctors, and other staff to clients at Westwind. The help provided to each client is not just from the start and end of the program but beyond. Kady’s pride and joy is her dog, Nova. She and Nova spend their time hiking, hanging out, and going to the beach.

Utilization Review

Toni Kells addiction treatment staff

Toni Kells

Utilization Review Manager

Toni Kells is one of Westwind Recovery’s Associate Marriage and Family therapists with extensive experience working with insurance companies. Toni is in recovery herself. She was seeking answers in her recovery journey, and that led her working in the field of addiction. Toni earned her Master’s Degree from Phillips college and began her career in recovery in 2003.

Toni’s substantial experience as a clinician for in and outpatient services has made her a leading expert in compliance with insurance companies. Toni ensures that Westwind Recovery uses best practices and maintain the highest quality of care using evidence-based practices for all clients at all times. Toni feels that Westwind offers innovative ways and methods to help clients get to where they need to be. The Westwind team and Toni together will do their best to remove any barriers to get clients the help they truly need. Toni is very involved in the 12-step program locally and regionally. She enjoys hiking and traveling. Her other passion in life is animals–she trains service dogs and volunteers at shelters.


Zach Ament COO

Zack Ament


Zack Ament is a Southern California native and has a great love for the outdoors. He incorporates his passion for the outdoors into much of the programs at Westwind Recovery. Clients will find that outdoor activities such as hiking, running, and walking in the local mountains are part of the weekly, if not daily routines at both the inpatient, outpatient, and sober living levels.

Zack’s life journey in addiction led him to work with people who suffer from addiction. After numerous attempts at different treatment facilities and programs that started during his high school years, Zack has found success in studying Addiction Studies at Antioch University while simultaneously running sober living homes since 2014.

Zack credits his sponsor and other role models in the treatment industry for his training for the job as Chief Operating Officer.

Zack adds a light, positive, and high energy to the community at Westwind. He works closely with the eclectic group of directors, clinicians, and operations team to bring out the best from the clients. Clients who have been through many different treatment programs and have not been able to sustain their sobriety will find that with the Westwind team, they will maintain their sobriety long term. The clients will see their passion and strengths at Westwind, and Zack will help them hone in on that passion so that the clients can thrive.

Zack’s passion is in creating an atmosphere of community and family through fun, social, sober events that are all-inclusive to people from any background. He is a very active participant in the sober community and supports many local sober groups all around Los Angeles.

Zack spends much of his free time being outdoors, whether it be hiking, cliff jumping, or just hanging out at parks with friends. He also is a dog lover, and an avid horror and independent movie watcher.

Justin White CSO

Justin White


Justin, Westwind Recovery’s CSO hails from White Bear Lake, Minnesota. By 18 years old, Justin earned his high school diploma and an associate’s degree in general studies. He then attended The University of Minnesota at Duluth. Justin has extensive experience in working in the recovery field that began in 2009. His roles have included being a sober living manager, tech, operations manager, and director of operations. Justin liked working with people who were working on bettering their lives and seeing the definite improvement so much that he decided to open up his own sober living homes. After some time, he collaborated with Justin Wells to open more sober living homes throughout the LA area.

Justin is an advocate for clients to start and stay in treatment for the appropriate length of time that would set them up for success. From the start of each client’s stay, Justin meets with the client, their family, and the Westwind team to lay out the treatment plan and length of stay. He understands that each client and their situation are unique—so each treatment plan and visit is individually laid out carefully and precisely. When working with such a diverse group of people— people from different cultural backgrounds, race, gender, sexuality, and age group—Justin remains objective, reasonable, but is always open to new ideas. Justin says that Westwind has one of the most vibrant and diverse sober communities that he has ever been a part of. He hopes to continue to create an even broader and connected sober community through more events such as group hikes, cookouts, and service events. On his off time, Justin likes to cook, attend music shows, camping, and hiking. He also dabbles in dog training.

Bradley Athens


Bradley began his career in the music industry. After studying architecture, business, and graphic design at the University of Oklahoma, Bradley managed events and stages for the most prominent names in the music industry all over the United States. In 2016, he followed his true calling: Helping people suffering from addiction. After many years of AA, mentoring, and helping people with their habits, Bradley teamed up with a partner and opened up a detox center in Hollywood, California. He used his skills and experience in music production to create a successful and thriving detox center. His success continued when he merged with the largest sober living community in Los Angeles, Westwind.

Bradley oversees the business development, marketing, outreach, admissions, and compliance departments at Westwind. He creates streamlined systems to ensure high productivity and efficacy. He develops the Westwind brand and pushes that brand out to the local, national, and international stage.

Bradley strongly believes that if one is willing, has an open mind, and wants to change their life around; they can do that with the guidance of the Westwind team. Bradley personally knows that addiction is a very isolating disease. He also knows that change is incredibly difficult for an individual, especially when one is trying to change bad behaviors to appropriate behaviors. But, when a client walks into the Westwind homes, they will immediately feel they are part of a family. Westwind provides all the tools and has the highest level professionals in the industry to provide the best care possible to clients willing to get that help.

Bradley truly enjoys the world around him to the fullest extent since he’s been sober. He takes back all the things that drugs and alcohol took away from him—the outdoors, traveling, friends, and family. He faces any fears he may come across head-on and lives each day with renewed energy and purpose.

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