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Westwind Recovery focuses on restoring love and hope in those who walk through our doors.

Verify Insurance

Westwind Recovery works in partnership with various private health insurance companies to provide the best care for all our clients.

Give us a call and ask whether your insurance policy covers your stay within our facility.

Seeking treatment

for substance abuse is difficult enough; the added stress of navigating health insurance coverage can feel overwhelming. Rise LA’s team is happy to work with people to find ways to help you afford treatment with less stress. We will work with you to investigate your insurance benefits and maximize their potential.

While there are often

out-of-pocket expenses associated with rehabilitation, there are often funding sources available to help you cover your needs. Our case managers work closely with patients to find additional patient aid sources wherever available.

Have questions? Call or email [email protected] to discuss coverage options with one of our counselors.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Treatment Costs and Insurance

Everyone’s situation is different. It’s difficult to put a general number on treatment. Program costs depend on the patient’s insurance coverage, unique financial situation, and individual treatment plan, and may even change as the patient evolves or grows.

We know addiction treatment is an unusual expense most families haven’t planned for. While the costs associated may seem high, it’s important to maintain a sense of perspective. Seeking treatment will reduce the money you may already be spending on your alcohol or drug addiction, including ER costs, legal consequences, and more.

Yes. Westwind Recovery does have limited funds available for patients who require financial assistance. Call (866) 339-0967 for more details.

The answer to this question depends on the level of addiction you are experiencing and/or your needed level of care. Some guests require detox, with careful medical monitoring, as they go through withdrawal. Others begin with inpatient or outpatient programs immediately. Generally, inpatient care is the most expensive initial option for severe addictions, but many guests transition to outpatient care as they progress, helping to keep costs down.

Our recovery experts are ready and waiting to answer all of your questions about recovery, including the financial aspects. Just call (866) 339-0967.

The team member you speak to will take your insurance information and call to confirm your benefits. We’ll compare the estimated level of care needed with the benefits your insurance provides. From there, Westwind Recovery takes care of all of the pre-authorization paperwork. It may take two to three days for your insurance company to authorize coverage for your care. You do have the option of paying cash out-of-pocket for those initial days, but it’s important to remember there is no guarantee that your insurance company will approve care even if you wait.

Some insurance companies require re-authorization every few days, especially at the inpatient level. We are dedicated to doing all we can to keep you at the level of care you need for as long as possible.

Westwind Recovery works closely with guests throughout every step of the process. We constantly reassess patients to ensure the right level of care is met, but can’t always give timelines for recovery at the start of care. It takes time to get to know your story, your situation, and the root cause of your addiction. This is a must for developing a strong plan of care that ensures your ability to live a fulfilled life post-treatment.