Pacific Recovery Solutions

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Unauthorized Use of Pacific Recovery Solutions Trademarks

Company, Product, or Service Name: You may not use or register, in whole or in part Westwind Recovery or any other Pacific Recovery Solutions trademark, including Pacific Recovery Solutions-owned graphic symbols, logos, icons, or an alteration thereof, as or as part of a company name, trade name, product name, or service name.Westwind and Westwind Recovery Logo and Pacific Recovery Solutions-owned Graphic Symbols: You may not use the Westwind and Westwind Recovery Logo or any other Pacific Recovery Solutions-owned graphic symbol, logo, or icon on or in connection with web sites, products, packaging, manuals, promotional/advertising materials, or for any other purpose except pursuant to an express written trademark license from Pacific Recovery Solutions, such as a licensing agreement.

Variations, Takeoffs or Abbreviations: You may not use an image of a hand print and palm tree or other variation of the Westwind and Westwind Recovery logo for any purpose. Third parties cannot use a variation, phonetic equivalent, foreign language equivalent, takeoff, or abbreviation of a Westwind Recovery trademark for any purpose.