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As addiction professionals, the staff at Westwind Recovery take the health and well-being of our clients very seriously; so much so, that we have developed a broad spectrum response to what usually amounts to years of self-inflicted abuse and neglect. To this end, every client we have is afforded the opportunity to address their physical condition even as they cultivate powerfully reinforced spiritual connections.

In addition to making sure to have swimming pools and jacuzzis at every Sober Living, Detox and Residential Facility we oversee, Westwind prides itself on providing several outlets for our clients to regain their health in a manner befitting someone embarking on a new life. Not only do we provide memberships and transportation to an amenity-laden gym, we employ a registered dietician and provide Nutrition Groups, Body Positivity Groups, Yoga and Recreational Activities like hikes and regular outings.

One would be hard-pressed to find a facility that does as much for Body, Mind and Spirit as Westwind Recovery but, thankfully, you needn’t have to look any further.