Supportive Sober Living Program

Westwind Recovery® provides a supportive, comfortable, relaxed, and convenient environments for our residents. The sober living programs in Los Angeles help to rediscover life and passions during sobriety. Each of our world-class sober living homes promotes healthy and happy recovery through supportive care, services, and amenities, such as:

  • Private and semi-private rooms
  • Flat screen or plasma TVs with premium cable and AppleTV
  • Netflix, HBO, Showtime, and Hulu Plus
  • Heated pool and hot tub
  • High speed Wifi
  • Fully equipped kitchens with modern appliances
  • Free access to washer and dryer
  • 24/7 Live-in Management for extra support and structure
  • Weekly Outings – Hikes, Beach, Movies, etc.
  • Free standard supplies (i.e. toilet paper, paper towels, laundry supplies)
  • Convenient and easily accessible parking
  • Patios or backyards
  • Storage space for bicycles, golf clubs, surfboards, and other equipment
  • Unlimited coffee
  • Pet-friendly sober living spaces
  • Rides provided to meetings daily
  • Food Staples provided for free

There’s a reason why children whose parents gave them plenty of structure grow up to be psychologically healthy. The rules and guidelines of the family help the child develop and grow. The structure provides a sense of safety for the child. When a child feels safe, he or she is more able to explore, learn, and play.

In the same way, addiction treatment centers in CA and sober living programs in Los Angeles have plenty of structure to address addiction to drugs and alcohol. From morning until night at sober living homes, you’ve got somewhere to be, and every activity you do is in support of your recovery. For instance, the following is a typical schedule for someone in sober living programs:

  • 5:30 am Medications
  • 6 am Breakfast
  • 7 am Meditation
  • 8 am Morning Support Group
  • 9 am Group Therapy
  • 10 am Discussion: Healthy Relationships
  • 11 am Discussion: Recovery Thoughts and Behaviors
  • Noon Lunch
  • 1 pm Walk/Exercise
  • 2 pm Family Therapy
  • 3 pm Relapse Prevention Discussion
  • 4 pm Individual Therapy
  • 5 pm Self Care Time
  • 6 pm Dinner
  • 7 pm Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting
  • 8 pm Peer Support Group
  • 9 pm Medications/Bedtime

Addiction Recovery