313 S. Sycamore Ave.  |  Los Angeles, CA. 90036

Westwind Recovery provides supportive, comfortable, relaxed and convenient environments for our residents, to help them rediscover their lives and passions during sobriety. Each of our world-class sober living homes promote healthy and happy recovery through supportive care, services and amenities, such as:

large couch of sober living programs Sycamore house

Westwind’s All-Female sober living house is entrenched in Los Angeles’ Park Labrea community. Grocery stores like Trader Joe’s and Ralph’s, as well as coffee shops, are within walking distance. ‘Neighborhoodies’ like to chill with a coffee and their computers at coffee shops like the LaBrea Bakery Café. Also, you can get physical at Modo Yoga or Crossfit (both of which are nearby as well!). An in-ground swimming pool in the backyard can also provide respite from the trials of the day, and you swim and relax on sunny LA days.

What makes the house itself special, however, are the women who reside there. Despite their struggle, each has emerged from their nightmare whole and intact, warm and loving. You belong here. It is where you will find your strength as well as take time to heal truly.

12 beds divided amongst five bedrooms and two full bathrooms, so one never feels crowded or stifled. And, if people-watching is your thing, LA’s world-renowned outdoor shopping center The Grove is well within walking distance. Our clients will also often choose to curl up, instead, with a good book while sipping a warm cup of tea in front of the fireplace. Westwind recognizes that women have different and specific needs, especially as they relate to building stronger, healthier lives in recovery. There is even a private room available for those with special needs. Without a doubt, the structured sober living program at The Sycamore House provides safety, comradery, and attention that simply isn’t readily available to most women in a coed sober living home.


shower and sink at Sycamore House sober living home
bathroom sink at Sycamore House sober living home
single bed at Sycamore House
bed at Sycamore House sober living home
bunk bed three bedroom at Sycamore House
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twin bedroom at Sycamore House sober living home
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blue twin bedroom at Sycamore House
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Sycamore House living room with fireplace and tv
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kitchen sink and cabinets at Sycamore House
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Sycamore House poolside and lounge chairs
Sycamore house large couch

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