a woman begins self-medicating with drugs and alcohol as she considers the dangers of self-medicating

Dangers of Self-Medicating with Drugs and Alcohol

Research on substance use disorders and mental health disorders depicts strong evidence for consistent links between the two. Approximately half of Americans who have substance use disorders also have mental health disorders and vice-versa. While it cannot be said that one causes the other, the two are complexly intertwined. When these disorders coincide, it is…

lgbtq addiction treatment is available in los angeles

Where to Find LGBTQ-Focused Treatment in LA

Of the nearly four million people in Los Angeles and the greater LA metropolitan area, almost five percent identify as LGBTQ. Compared to the general population, the rates of substance use disorders and mental health disorders among the LGBTQ community are significantly higher. Open discrimination has resulted in many people choosing to avoid seeking the…

a couple talks through their physical dependence

Understanding Physical Dependence vs. Addiction

Physical dependence is a term that many do not fully understand. While this condition mirrors some characteristics of addiction, the state of physical dependence also differs from addiction in several key ways. If you are struggling to stop using drugs and alcohol despite negative consequences, you might be facing physical dependence. Physical dependence is not…

a woman knows she needs a detox center

3 Signs You Need a Detox Center

The decision to seek treatment for alcohol or drug addiction can be difficult and frightening. Detox, the process in which all traces of substances are removed from the body, is generally the first step toward recovery from addiction and should be followed with a comprehensive addiction treatment program. At Westwind Recovery®, we understand that finding…

a man wonders what is wet brain

Signs and Symptoms of Wet Brain

Get Help Today 1-855-815-9727 Many people know that alcohol, when overused, can create serious side effects for the individual who is drinking as well as those close to them. Alcohol addiction can cause conflict in relationships, impact your physical and mental health, and lead to legal, financial, or professional issues. In addition, alcohol poisoning and…

a woman sits down to confront her addiction diagnosis

How to Confront Your Addiction Diagnosis

When dealing with an addiction, the struggling individual might be the last person to admit that they have a problem. Often, their family and friends will express concern first and might even stage an intervention. While family members or friends may not be physicians or licensed mental health professionals, the concerned party will usually cite…

man considers if his obsession is leading to addiction

Can an Obsession Lead to An Addiction?

An obsession is different than an addiction. An obsession is an idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person’s mind. However, an addiction is an illness that affects the brain, causing a person to engage in compulsory substance use or addictive behaviors, such as gambling.

man struggling with addiction

How to Manage Seasonal Depression and Addiction

Seasonal depression and addiction often occur together during certain times of the year. Some individuals might not realize that they are struggling with seasonal depression, and it can be challenging to manage seasonal depression and addiction. There are ways to cope with seasonal depression, sometimes referred to as seasonal affective disorder (SAD), such as seeking…