WhyShouldYou Consider
Westwind Recovery Residences?​

Unlike outpatient treatment or 12-step, a recovery residence is a place to live while maintaining your sobriety. And unlike a rehab facility, because sober living is flexible and semi-structured, it feels like home. Because sober homes don’t have the resources to see patients through detox, most of our clients have already been in primary treatment at some point.

Learning or relearning how to care for yourself during sobriety requires practice. Sober homes provide just enough structure to help you master self-care in a supportive environment—while enjoying freedom and normalcy, and the company of others with the same goals. Eventually, what you learn and experience at Westwind becomes second nature.

Sobriety is a different journey for everyone. You can stay with us for as little a month, but statistics have shown that the likelihood of achieving long-term recovery greatly increases after 9 months in a structured environment.

Your monthly fee includes: all utilities, food for breakfast, lunch, dinner (and all snacking in between), HD premium SMART TVs, wireless Internet and unlimited use of house computers, printers, pool and hot tubs and washer/dryers, paper goods, cleaning supplies, hand soaps and sanitizers, laundry needs, and coffee/sugar. A well-maintained kitchen with modern appliances, coffeemaker, microwave oven, pots, pans and cooking implements are all included.

*Each Westwind home has its own unique character and array of special amenities. Be sure to take a look at the “Our Residences” tab to browse through all of our homes, and find the one that best fits YOU!

You’ll pay your first month’s fees prior to or on the day of move in.

Life atWestwind Recovery

Between 10AM and 11PM, Westwind residents work, go to school, go to meetings, volunteer, and participate in countless enriching activities. If a specific activity interferes with curfew hours, let us know—we make exceptions. The curfew within the first 30 days of your stay is 11PM on weeknights and 12AM on the weekends. Curfew is extended after the first 30 days.
For the first month, we require that you stay at Westwind every night to get comfortable and build a routine. After that point, overnight stays elsewhere are welcome with advance notice.

If you relapse, we discharge you from the house immediately. Readmittance will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Continuous relapses may require acute care. We can recommend an appropriate program, and you can return to Westwind recovery residences afterwards.

The majority of Westwind bedrooms sleep two clients each. However, some of our larger homes can accommodate four clients to a room.

Yes, of course! Sober living is a time to connect with fellows in the larger recovery community, communicate with family, learn to use our resources to engage with the world in healthy ways, and feel encouraged to seek employment and/or schooling opportunities.

Westwind staff recognizes the importance of working towards being self-supporting in the early stages of our client’s recovery. Should any client express the desire to work, or return to school, we will do everything we can to support this process.

Yes. We employ staff that have been fully immersed in the treatment and mental health industries, and work as recovery professionals. Several Westwind homes also provide medication monitoring. Also, the Westwind team works extremely close to the various outpatient programs in which their clients attend, allowing for a seamless, comprehensive and holistic approach to client care.