Although the alcoholic/ addict is the identified client, we at Westwind Recovery believe that addiction can metastasize and cripple the whole family, creating rifts between you and your loved ones that can sometimes cause irreparable harm to your most precious relationships. That is why it is desperately important that family members and loved ones be as involved as possible in the treatment process as they can be.

Westwind has developed a comprehensive Family Program. With professional Family Therapy and Couples Therapy, Westwind Recovery can:

● Help family members learn and practice more effective communication tools.
● Help parents take a proactive role in a parent-child relationship
● Help family members work toward healing and reconciliation for past wrongs.
● Help each family member recognize their needs and the validity of those needs.
● Help an addict or alcoholic recognize social, economic, medical or psychiatric threats to continuing recovery and, with the help of family members, develop strategies to deal with those threats.
● Help develop long-distance therapeutic relationships utilizing existing technologies like Facetime, Skype, etc.

We offer these services, first as a stop-gap to ongoing harm, and then as a more permanent solution, bringing health and serenity to the damaged family unit.